Digby's Snack Bars

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Since 2013, Australian Shepherds Furever has rescued more than 4,000 Aussies and Aussie mixes like Digby. Digby and his litter were the product of an “accidental breeding” resulting in a Border Collie-Aussie mix. They were then surrendered to ASF and put up for adoption. 

Digby's adopters, Don & Susan, took one look at the little black and white puppy when he came off the transport and decided that Digby was a “Keeper”.  Digby has grown into an amazing farm dog, leading the pack and protecting the farm’s livestock.

When you purchase this bag of Digby's Snack Bars — $5 will be donated directly to ASF so that they can keep helping dogs like Digby. Take advantage of our Buy One, Get One discount & ASF will receive $10! 

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