Dually-Dude's Holiday Blend

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Meet Dually-Dude!  He's our "mascot" for the 2023 Holiday Blend.  DD, as we call him, isn't an ASF rescue, he's a Social Media Celebrity with thousands of online followers.  (Think Grumpy Cat as a Toy Aussie.)

He's made Australian Shepherds Furever (ASF) his "official charity".  And they've made him an Honorary ASF Spokesdog for all he's done to help ASF save more Aussies with his fundraising prowess. 

His human, Susan Hemler, loves to share his adventures and snarky sense of humor with everyone and anyone in need of a good laugh after a tough day.  She gets hundreds of messages from people saying how the laugh they got from one of DD's posts turned their day around.  Thousands of people wait anxiously for the latest story and the amazing accompanying photos of DD's incredible expressions! 

Just look at him and you know exactly what he's thinking!  Susan will tell you that she didn't train him, he just does it. And it was too funny not to share with the world!  Follow his antics at The Adventures of Dually-Dude on Facebook and visit his website, www.duallydude.com

So in the spirit of holiday celebrations,  enjoy a cup of this joyful blend, and help Dually-Dude in his mission to support ASF's efforts to rescue more Aussies!