Roka's Dog Treats

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This is another specialty bag of dog treats that we've partnered on with Australian Shepherds Furever. We named these in honor of Roka, an ASF rescue with an incredible story that's highlighted below. $5 on every bag purchased will benefit Australian Shepherds Furever. Take advantage of our Buy One - Get One - Half-off discount & they'll receive another $5 for each additional bag! 

Roka's Treats are cinnamon flavored and contain the following ingredients: rolled oats, rye flour, barley flour, brown rice syrup, palm oil, dried whey, whole dried eggs, natural vanilla flavor, cinnamon, Vitamin E 

Roka was abandoned with a pet-sitter as an 11-month-old puppy when her first family went on vacation. When the family returned, they refused to take her back.  Her sitter turned her over to Australian Shepherds Furever. Her foster, Cheryl, realized that the scared, confused and very sad pup was a diamond in the rough, with tons of potential. Roka traveled from OK to MA to her adopter, Emily, who is also a trainer. Roka’s incredible ability to “follow directions” resulted in the young Aussie becoming a model who loves to pose for the camera.

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